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Value Clearing and Forwarding

Clearing & forwarding – bringing markets closer to customers

Keeping customers miles ahead

The foundation of success in clearing and forwarding is the ability to offer customers a comprehensive service based on in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment.

With all the support services required as well as extensive capacity and infrastructure that includes the ability to move hazardous goods, Value Logistics manages and controls all activities in the supply chain with no outsourcing required. With a focus on developing complete solutions that present significant value, we help our customers and partners to streamline their businesses and save. This helps keep customers ahead and promotes long-term sustainability.

From the outset Value Logistics geared itself to providing a far-reaching clearing and forwarding service. Soon after the establishment of the division in 2003, it sought to establish partnerships with key role players in the three main South African ports in order to expand its national footprint.


During this time of local investment, global reach was also extended as partnerships were created with TWIG, a strong South American network, Gebrüder Weiss who have operations in Europe, North America and Asia, 5-Star Logistic Networks who have global representation and Heppner Transport & Logistics who’s Head Office is in France.  Today, through our network of partnerships the Value Group have representation in every country around the globe.

Where Value Logistics provides warehousing or distribution or both, it also offers clearing and forwarding, creating further opportunities for optimization and efficiencies. It makes sense to have everything under one roof as logistics systems are linked and information sharing is quick and easy. What’s more, each customer can be supported in a single interface manner. Visibility across the entire supply chain of a customer allows the identification of areas for improvement as well as proactive implementation of changes.

In moving goods in and across Southern Africa, an important corridor that requires extensive knowledge and know-how of customs regulations is that of the BLNS states, i.e. Botswana, Lesotho Namibia and Swaziland (Eswatini). Insight into the classification of goods and most cost-effective way of shipment not only promotes cost savings but also efficient import and export management. The bottom line is, in these processes, there is no middle ground. A precise knowledge of legal limitations and constraints in relation to cross-border trade is imperative for compliance by companies.

Moving from smart shipments to smarter finance

With the downturn in the South African economy, more and more customers struggle to cover clearing costs. Seeing this increasingly common ground for companies, Value Logistics initiated discussions with a major South African bank with the purpose to establish trade financing and trade solutions, including sourcing of products. Qualifying customers may now obtain trade financing for customs clearance. In addition, Value Logistics customers are provided with valuable and relevant banking expertise on foreign exchange management.