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Sea freight transport is subject to regulations on the transport of hazardous goods, which must be strictly observed.  Did you know that even ordinary promotional gifts can be hazardous goods?  Examples include gas lighters, matches, glue, etc.  In addition, hazardous devices are often concealed in other devices, such as devices containing batteries, gas cartridges, etc.

If you are not the manufacturer yourself, you should be fully informed about your goods, because the sender or the ordering party bears sole liability for any loss or damage resulting from an accident caused by undeclared on incorrectly declared hazardous goods.

Note : All hazardous goods must be declared as such and packaged according to the IMDG and ADR regulations.  The IMO Declaration for Dangerous Goods must be issued and signed by the consignor on the original.  A copy of the IMO declaration should should be sent to the haulier before the start of transport.  Important : State the exact technical names of the goods, the dangerous goods class and the UN Number in correspondence.